Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!!

My beautiful 4th of July Lunch haha

I am loving that today is my preparation day. We got to spend this afternoon with one of my favorite families here. Sister Jones is my mother in mission haha, always caring for us! It was fun :) We started this day stuffed with assorted meats and probably will end the day that way too :) GO hawaii!! haha

So this week has really flown by. I still love it, and have really seen the difference God can make in our lives when we ask. I kept talking to all the people that did NOT want to talk to missionaries in the VC and was being really rejected haha, but I said a prayer to God and in the end of the day we were able to have some very good conversations and be able to testify and share copies of the Book of Mormon with many wonderful people. I know that we don't always see the good we are doing, but I’m grateful that God let me see some of the seeds I planted! 

Elder Swintons usual speech on VC stats lol so cool though!
I really loved the training we had today, and just wanted to share a little of it. Elder Swinton was teaching us how our testimonies are like brick walls. Some peoples testimonies might be complete and full (so rare) but most of us have some pieces of testimony that we really know concerning different doctrines and such. When we really remember and look back we can remember some or many different experiences or spiritual experiences that have lead to our testimony of that certain thing, but there still might be pieces missing. That's okay, and we are all on our journey. The key is that we keep learning and searching, and as we go, God will teach us piece by piece, the truths so we can have a stronger and stronger faith and knowledge of the restored gospel. I loved it. I don't know if it makes sense from what I'm saying haha, but I really do know that through Jesus Christ we can find forgiveness, healing and overcome any evil or fears in our life. Also that through the priesthood is one of the ways we can access those blessings. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! Love you so much! 
Sister Nielsen

Cutie Sister Hamano 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


(Our president put a limit on our emailing lately haha so only one hour and so it's hard to cover everything, but at least I can just tell you more later in person...) 

Sooo this transfer has been so wonderful. I seriously want to cry of so much gratitude. I LOVE sister Hamano. She is about the sweetest thing ever, and practically perfect (except learning English haha but that makes her even cuter because she says the funniest things) I am SOOO happy she is my last companion. I hope you all meet her someday haha. Being in Laie 4th is also a blessing for me because now that it's summer, it's more realistic to help people in our little time we have :) 

We do have hours of studies and need to spend muchos time online, but we did get to go visit a few wonderful people and to me it was a huge blessing to be able to catch several of the part member families home and set return apts, because that is soo hard to do here with everyone working all the time and school Summer is the best!! Plus ward camp is coming soon so I"m so excited about that to help these less active families get there!

Because Sister Hamano is learning English, we aren't able to get huge quatities of online referrals just because we are focusing on understanding what the person even said haha, but I really trust that the interactions I pick up will be those who will still be interested even if it's not right away. One of the referrals i sent is really progressing which is so fun because it's to a sister I served with in Honolulu so I could even see pictures of him :) Such a fun experience to see the faces of the people we work with. Also a cutie that got baptized named Dorothy sent me a picture of her baptism. She is so cute, I'll forward the picture :) 

I don't want this transfer to fly by but most of all, I hope that it can be a transfer of many miracles and spiritual experiences for those we meet! 
Love you!!!

Sister Nielsen

We got to go to Sister Hamano's sister's wedding and reception

Monday, June 19, 2017

Last Transfer


Well I had my last transfer news of my mission. Ah!!!!! We played a fancy version of "hot potato" that somehow led us to find out who our comps would be and our new areas. So I'm going to get to stay in the Laie 4th ward which I am so happy about, and also will be training again Sister Hamano! I served with her older sister but she's serving in the same mission! How cute :). She's from Japan, and her sister is getting married in Laie on the 24th haha so I'll get to attend my first live sealing!! Whoohoo exciting ;) 

This last week really flew by! One of my cute online referrals got baptized. She texted me from her new phone "I got baptized today and tomorrow will get confirmed"... and I was thinking WHO IS THIS. this is such good news for someone haha. But happy it was Lalaine!! I love getting to work with people from all over the world and be able to share the opportunity to teach people alongside their local missionaries. 

Also we were able to spend 7 hours in our area (that's a lot for us hahaha) this week, and were able to visit soo many wonderful families. I'm sort of surprised how many part member families there are, but each has their own personal challenges and concerns, so we try our best to follow the spirit.

I've loved having 3 different comps this transfer, it's been a little crazy, but learned so much. And I am so grateful for one more transfer to learn and learn and learn, and to serve the best that I can and give it all to the Lord! I am glad to finish in the Summer when it will be so busy too. The miracles will come as we follow the spirit and do our best!

Love you all so much.

Sister Nielsen

Monday, June 12, 2017

Aloha :)

This week sort of just flew by. Everything feels weird, it's like a new transfer but only 2 weeks long. So I haven't felt so productive in my proselyting area just because the schedule is changed to cover both mine and my new comps' shifts/areas. It's been good though. There are definitely amazing members here that take good care of us, so I'm grateful. And in the visitors' center, this week it seemed like there were many Persians. We got the opportunity to teach them a little bit and share about the Book of Mormon or family, and I'm hoping that they really take the challenge to heart to read the Book of Mormon we gave them. Those people are so kind though and after spending only like 15-20 minutes with them, I feel like I'm great friends with all of them. But I can't imagine being VC sister without the online system and having the chance to keep in touch. But I learned how people from ANYWHERE can be touched by the spirit. It's a blessing from God to ALL of his children.

Also our trio had 13 baptisms this week online haha. Well Sister Park had 11 because a huge Nigerian family got baptized this week. Such an unexpected miracle haha grateful to be able to be happy for them. And they're going to be going back to Nigeria and possibly the dad will be a branch president. Crazy crazy haha. Things are going good for us. I feel like a mom haha. 

Don't forget to read the first presidency message by our Prophet! :) https://www.lds.org/liahona/2017/06/called-to-the-work?cid=HP_TU_30-5-2017_dPFD_fLHNA_xLIDyL1-A_&lang=eng

getting packages
Love you muchos!

Sister Nielsen
Trio love
One of my favorite families

Monday, June 5, 2017

Goodbye Sis Eagle


This morning I had to send Sister Eagle off so she can go home and recover from her ankle break. Sad sad. And now I'll be in a trio with the sisters I live with, Sisters Staheli and Park. I've never had comps for just 2 weeks so it'll be interesting. 

Even with our days all messed up and limited time online, there were several blessings and miracles :) I love how a simple request for a free Bible can go many different ways. When we make the call to confirm, each person we talk to has such different concerns or lives that it makes it impossible to truly help them without the spirits' guidance. We try to help them to meet with missionaries but most importantly, to give them a positive and spiritual experience that they will look forward to the missionaries. We had the sweetest lady we called, Denise, who was really struggling and feeling really alone. I felt like it was such a blessing that we can call people anywhere anytime and right when she needed someone to talk to, two girls called her up about a free Bible haha. But really, and I know she felt God's love through us. I love those moments to be an instrument in God's hands. That's the biggest joy of mission and also I know after mission I can also receive promptings to follow. 
Oh also always fun to find out when the referrals I sent and people I met online got baptized!!! I love to hear their conversion stories, and remembering how important this work is because it changes peoples' lives!! Darkness into Light (which I heard this video is really great!! by the way haha https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2016-01-011-choose-the-light?lang=eng)

Keep the faith, choose the right, and be kind to everyone you meet!!

Love Sister Nielsen :)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Crazy week!

Sorry it's been a crazy week but God definitely has our back and is helping along the way. Love you! Thanks for emailing me. I ALWAYS appreciate it. 

Scripture of my day Ether 12:27. It's okay not to be perfect, but we have to recognize with humility and let God help us overcome our weaknesses!!

Love you!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Crazy week!

Hiiii Sorry to email so late! This week has been a little crazy.                                

Well the craziest part is the craziness started just yesterday haha. So my companion usually does her own thing in the morning, stretching and that and I usually run back and forth. So she was so excited to go run with me. I thought, let me show her this cool little place to run that is all green and pretty. On the way, about a few blocks away, we saw this girl so Sis Eagle recognized as a friend from Vernal. So I think right as we got up to her and said hi, Sis Eagle stepped on a rock a little bigger than a golf ball that her foot twisted on and she tripped. She seemed okay, but kept saying it hurt and then couldn't walk. Luckily the friend could run and ask other sisters to come pick us up in a car, but the Swintons said we should go to the ER because it got swollen really fast. A few hours later (because all these other emergencies kept happening with other patients) she had a little cloth cast and was told she broke her ankle. Aww poor thing. So we had an apt today and that's what we've been up to. Driving to Kaneohe and getting a boot. She's in a lot of pain and didn't sleep at all and can't really do much for herself at this point :( So it gives me a great opportunity to serve her and talk to her a lot (because the Swintons told us we need to let her body relax and get the swelling down, so we've been doing sitting down things at home). I've learned so much about that girl. She's been through so much in her life, so this doesn't really surprise her hah, but I feel that even though our personalities are quite different, I've been able to understand her more and be more compassionate as I've listened and tried to understand her more. I think it's a good lesson in life to learn. Understanding can erase a lot of negative feelings or thoughts towards someone. 

Anyways, I have had a good week and I also strengthened my testimony even more of the power of asking God to direct or be directed to those who will receive the gospel. So many "golden" conversations, chats, or people to meet. 

I'm grateful for many things-my family, my friends, the gospel, peace and hope, and my health. The gospel of Jesus Christ does create a light in my life and I don't think we ever appreciate it as much until we are in the dark and see the contrast difference!

Love you all so much. It's fun to hear how much is going on at home and how successful and cute my little brothers are :)

Love Sister Nielsen!

Alll those Miller camp washing hair days paid off because I had to wash her hair in the sink haha.